GESMATIK, the Industrial Vending Swiss knife

Gesmatik Helix is the leading Industrial Vending technology in Spain. More than 300 companies are already ensuring proper use of work supplies and SAVING consumptions.

Gesmatik presents NEW dispensing systems combinable for its Helix Industrial Vending, PPE and Healthcare supplies machine:

  • The PUSH System
  • The SPIRAL System

Before these new dispensers, Gesmatik Helix Vending Machines required to hung each product on a SPINDLE DISPENSER. This is the easiest and most effective way to house the maximum number of items. This storage and dispensing solution is inspired by the system used by large supermarkets and department stores (textiles, tools, etc…).

Dispensadores GESMATIK maxima versatilidad

GESMATIK catalogue includes these three dispensing systems. The NEW systems reinforce GESMATIK´s performance by modularly configuring a GESMATIK Hélix machine. A taylor made combination of SPINDLE + PUSH + SPIRAL dispensers is offered to each customer. This is how GESMATIK achieves a perfect suitability between extractor/dispensing systems and article type to be supplied. That is why GESMATIK can be considered the Swiss knife in the scope of the Industrial Vending, since a single machine can make available all the items, products or supplies that are needed for the various uses.

GESMATIK fully adapts to your products, so you don’t have to spend time adapting your products to the industrial vending machine.

Want to check examples of best fitted Work Materials for each type of dispensing system?:

  • SPINDLE DISPENSER: very advantageous solution for a wide range of items: flexible items and textiles (PPEs, gloves, masks, scrubs…) that cannot be reliably extracted from a traditional machines. This system is ideal for scrubsuit vending machines used in hospitals. It also allows to dispense very bulky items (welding shields, helmets, face shields or goggles …) that cannot be dispensed through usual vending machines.
  • PUSH DISPENSERS: ideal for items packaged in rigid cases (cardboard). The Flex system is adjustable in width to suit a range of  sizes.
  • SPIRAL FLEX DISPENSERS: ideal for semi-rigid bagged items (bagged gloves,  …). The Spiral Flex system has more than 10 spiral options of different sizes, for ideal adjustment to the items.


The new FLEX systems do not require a hook or hanger. This eliminates the cost of handling time. Thus GESMATIK goes one step further not only as the MOST VERSATILE solution but also as the most COST EFFICIENT industrial solution for all kind of companies and hospitals.

CONTACT US and we will help you to make an ideal configuration perfectly suited to your specific work supplies.