Gesmatik ´s contribution to the environment: 3R solution

Environmental responsibility and ecological values are changing the priorities of organizations. Law requires compliance with country regulations, and companies are increasingly sensitive and demanding with the way companies act on environmental matters. In response to the question, What can we do to be more sustainable? the answer relies in the principle of Ecological Three Rs (3R), a term born from the initials of the words REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. These three verbs indicate the measures to be implemented to advance and develop sustainable habits for our planet, contributing this way to the progressive reduction of the carbon footprint of processes both at homes and organizations.

Let’s look at a common process in every organization: the management of the usual work supplies (PPEs, Tools, Office Supplies, Hospital or Healthcare Supplies, etc…). After receiving, unpacking and placing on shelves these products, it is the responsibility of our company to manage properly all generated waste.

Why can we tell  that the automated management and control of work materials by GESMATIK is a 3R solution?

REDUCE: With over 500 machines installed and running, we can tell that the implementation of GESMATIK ends waste. Consumption is REDUCED by 30-40%. Those companies where outsource with industrial or sanitary supplier the machine replenishing process, can remove all packaging material (cardboard boxes, packing tapes, plastics, etc…). Product units are delivered clean, placed directly on the machine. The process is 100% waste-free.

REUSE: GESMATIK uses three different kinds of dispensing systems: two of them (spiral and push systems) do not require product handling, (no extra hangers needed) therefore they are highly recommended. The third type of Gesmatik dispenser (Spindle) is very often ideal for its large capacity and ease of machine replenishment, but requires the product being hanged, and therefore needs to use hanging systems. In these cases, we always recommend that customers choose to use returnable metal hangers, which do not generate waste, and can be REUSED over and over again.

RECYCLE: As a last solution, for cases where it is necessary to include a single-use hook, we try to make it RECYCLABLE cardboard, a more biodegradable material and easier to recycle. In those products that the distributor delivers already bagged in plastic, however, it is not advisable to generate a mixed residue. To facilitate recycling, we study the residue of the product and thus use a hanger that can be RECYCLED together, with the same type of plastic, so that it is not necessary to invest time in the separation process.

Let’s look at an example: the image below shows the cardboard, plastic and polystyrene residues generated after receipt in EPIS boxes.

Residuos embalajes EPIS


The following image shows the same EPIS, but this time they have been received by the company after the implementation of the GESMATIK Solution. The work materials are now loaded directly by the vendor into the GESMATIK machine. The industrial supply assumes in this case the replacement of the machine, and the company enjoys a 100% waste-free process.




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