Junta de Andalucía chooses GESMATIK for the delivery of ANTICOVID masks for staff in its Courts

Junta de Andalucía has pioneered the adoption of technology to ensure compliance with ANTICOVID19 protocols.

Face Mask vending machines have been installed in the Courts of Seville. This is a success case that enables public institutions to ensure the proper use of personal protective equipment and free internal staff hours from mask preparation and delivery tasks.

Andalusian Government Mask Machine


Data sheet for this SUCCESS CASE:

  • Product supplied: weekly kit of 5 surgical masks.
  • GESMATIK vending machines ( 70 cm. Helix Model).
  • Each machine houses up to 2,100 face mask units.
  • Product packaging: self-locking bags.
  • Product access restriction configuration: 1 kit per week for each user.
  • Occupational health Manager receives weekly reporting of user / extraction records.

Andalusian Government Mask Machine

The Courts of the Junta de Andalucía thus manage to meet the targets posed to this technological project: control consumption of face masks to avoid waste, have the product well arranged, store face masks with guarantee of hygiene and sealing, limit the number of masks delivered to each user, record the delivery of the equipment and free the internal staff from the tasks of preparation and delivery of masks.

Learn why GESMATIK is the best solution for the delivery and control of face masks.