Mask Vending Machines

All kind of organizations – both public and private- are implementing their ANTICOVID19 protocols that require to establish new processes and manage new kinds of Personal Protective Equipment: ANTICOVID PPEs.

Occupational health managers are responsible for compliance of these protocols by internal staff as well as by visits:

  • They need to decide which PPEs to use (FFP2 masks, surgical masks, protective gloves, surgical sanitary gloves, face protection screens, gowns,…)
  • They need to decide what the delivery unit will be (one mask, one weekly pack with five masks, a kit with a mask + gel kit, etc…).
  • They need to ensure that masks are available for everyone anytime.
  • They need to preserve health by checking and proving that people are using the PPEs.
  • They need to restrict access to these supplies only to authorized staff.

We present the technology that makes it easy for organizations to fulfill COVID protocols, avoiding misuse of the PPEs and saving related workforce process time (time to prepare orders, prepare the delivery unit or kits, time to handle the products, time/resources to record deliveries, etc…).

GESMATIK H70_KitsCovidProtocol

All kinds of organizations are already benefiting from GESMATIK technology

  • Full control
  • 100% dispensing NO hitches
  • Quick machine replenishment, patented system
  • Maximum capacity, up to 2,000 masks
  • Versatility, adaptability
  • 100% hygienic contactless solution

See one of our example success case of installation in the Courts of the Junta de Andalucía.