GESMATIK, perfect vending solution for HOSPITALS in COVID times

GESMATIK is the leading vending technology for the management of disposable surgical and sanitary supplies, with more than 150 machines installed in major hospitals throughout Spain and Italy.

The main reason that leads hospitals and healthcare suppliers to invest in machines is the SAVINGS. GESMATIK promotes rational use and consumptions automatically fall by more than 30%.

The COVID has shown that technologies such as GESMATIK are fundamental in circumstances such as those lived in the pandemic, namely the shortage of availability of prescribed and necessary protective equipment (PPEs) in hospitals: FACE MASKS, GLOVES, SCRUBS, HYDROGELES, ETC. and the need to control and prioritize its use.

GESMATIK helps to keep stocks under control and limit access to people or certain user profiles and allows to easily modify these restrictions from the computer. The supplies are located inside a locked machine, ensuring the hygiene of the elements, preventing people from touching it.

COVID masks

Sanitary protective equipment can be presented in a wide range of packaging solutions. Gesmatik is the most versatile system on the market and has an ideal dispensing systems adapted to the various product packaging or presentations:

  • Spindle: ideal for bulky, blisted products, thin products, etc… that can be set hanging from a metal or an adhesive cardboard hanger. Other examples are Pre-formed face masks, protective face screens or face shelds are examples of this kind of products. IMG-20200420-WA0003IMG-GESMATIK SPINDLE MASK
  • Spiral: ideal for packaged items, in plastic bags, etc…IMG-20200420-WA0002
  • Pusher: ideal for products in cardboard boxes, cubic cases: IMG-GESMATIK PUSHER

View the three different types of dispensing systems in operation: