GESMATIK launches its new VIRTUAL STORE app

Most industrial companies already know Industrial Vending systems as Gesmatik.

Vending Industrial systems consist of one or more vending machines that house and control all types of work materials (Epis, Tools, Office Material, etc…) through a control module connected to the cloud.

The Gesmatik system is the most capable on the market, allowing up to 110 different selections and up to 90 units of each reference., a total of 9,900 units in a single machine!. This capacity is multiplied by being able to place double or triple machines under a single control module.

Now Gesmatik takes it a step further, allowing you to expand its control module to manage up to 250 more references through the creation of the NEW GESMATIK VIRTUAL STORE application.

What products do companies prefer to manage virtually?

  • Products with a wide variety of sizes, each of which involves a low turnover: for example Safety footwear, workwear, etc…
  • Very high volume products.
  • Products that do not need immediate delivery to the worker, but can be made in 24-48 hours.
  • Products in general low rotation.

Now it is possible that both new GESMATIK customers and those companies that already enjoy GESMATIK control and traceability, can manage through the application, also products that are not physically located in their facilities:

  • Product high (up to 250 references)
  • Access to product requests upon user identification.
  • Product request by the user himself
  • Automatic throttling of requests by profiles.
  • Restriction of maximum consumption allowed per person (units/month, units/year, etc…)

The system records the request, which the vendor receives in real time through the cloud and the requester receives a pickup ticket.

In this way, the company has total traceability, both on the products that are physically inside the GESMATIK machine, and those whose access is virtually. All this without occupying a space on your shelves.

Thus, with the new VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE application, we expand to a greater number of articles the advantages of GESMATIK: Time savings dedicated to the logistics of work materials, full traceability of users and consumption and economic savings by reducing expenses.

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