7 false beliefs that put a curb on Industrial Vending Machines

The use of Industrial Vending systems has multiplied over the past three years. Most of large organizations are already managing their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and tools through vending machines connected to their management software.

Many and various are the advantages that convince from the first moment the different managing profiles: Warehouse (order), Purchases (savings, control), Labor Health (use of PPEs is tracked) and Administration (simplification of purchase, product reception register…). Time reduction on logistic process and savings from day one.

So why are some companies still not sure about going ahead with an Industrial Vending implementation? Let’s review the 7 FALSE MYTHS that slow down the implementation of these systems:

MYTH No 1 : I’m not going to save that much. Your company is definetly going to save,… and not only in working materials and supplies (in all cases we record savings of around 30% or higher in supply consumptions), but also in resources. Just review the time people in your organization spend placing orders from suppliers, receiving the product, placing it on shelves, ordering, inventorying, delivering one by one, Personal Protective Equipment, etc… (more Info in accountable).

MYTH No. 2 : We’re going to have a hard time getting used to it.You can be sure this is going to be quick and easy. We can adapt to your registration system or clock rfid cards. Employees simply pass their card and chooses the product, which is always available and visible. It’s very intuitive and easy. Administrator´s software is very intuitive and reports are very easy to manage.

MYTH No. 3:Configuration, installation and customization of the system will take a lot of time that our team does not have. Nothing further from reality. All we need to offer you a taylor made solution is to receive from you a box with the materials you use most. We will take care of optimally configuring your Gesmatik system. If you wish, we will also perform the first upload of user and product data. We send you the exact quote, which includes all the setup and installation costs in your plant. All you need to boot is a space to install the machine and a power outlet (plug).

MYTH No. 4: My computer system is already complex enough. Don’t worry, our software is cloud based, we will not need to get into your company’s computer network neither shall we use your data connections. The machine works autonomously However, in the event that you want to integrate the information with your ERP, we will be able to work together with your computer technicians, and supply a “web service” solution that can be integrated with your management software (this service is not included in the standard solution).

MYTH No5: If my PPE supplier does not offer this technology to my company, we cannot opt for these systems. Ask him, you’ll probably be able to come to some agreement. The main suppliers of personal protective equipment and tools offer such solutions. Depending on the sales rotations, they will be able to assume even the investment in the machine. If your usages aren’t high enough, they may offer you a rental of the machine. You can agree with the supplier, to take care of the replenishment of the product, thus saving your company time devoted to the processes of ordering, receiving, delivery, etc… freeing up many hours of work to your company.

MYTH No. 6: The machine will force me to work with a single supplier. This is often a good option, as this provider can offer you good conditions in exchange for volume. However, if you don’t want to rely on a single supplier, you may have several alternatives. You can decide to purchase the machine so that your own staff can replenish the machine daily. You can also hire the service to some logistics operator (contact us, there are many service companies and vending operators that are willing to providing this type of replacement and maintenance services). No matter which system you choose, you will still enjoy the advantages of having work supplies ordered and under control.

MYTH No. 7: If we choose a small machine then we will need to invest again. Surely when you start using GESMATIK, you’ll want to have more products and supplies under control. But don’t worry, you can start with a small machine and then you can decide to expand your GESMATIK system, doubling or tripling its capacity, under a single control module. To save more and more every day.


All these myths may prevent you from joining the REALITY that confirms that today all kinds of INDUSTRIAL COMPANIES, HOSPITALS and PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS concerned about their efficiency are joinning to this trend and taking advantage of GESMATIK. Contact us, we will be happy to give you a taylor made configuration, the solution that best fits the needs of your company.