GESMATIK, a whole 5S workplace organization method, Order and Organization available to your company

When we think about Industrial Vending solutions, the main decision criteria are usually TIME and money SAVINGs achieved. The benefits that industries gain in terms of ORDER, EFFICIENCY and ORGANIZATION are generallysubsidiary. But why do not we think of GESMATIK as a 5S project?


5S method was in origin Japanese, conceived by TOYOTA, to ensure cleanliness, order and organization, understanding that they are necessary conditions to achieve greater well-being and productivity in the workplace. The term 5S refers to the initials of the 5 fundamental objectives: SEIRI, SELTON, SEIS, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, whose translation could be SEPARATE the unnecessary, PLACE what is necessary, DELETE dirt, SIGNAL anomalies and CONTINUE improving.

5S has been widely spread and numerous organizations of diverse kinds are using it in their quality processes: industrial companies, service companies, hospitals, associations, schools, etc.

GESMATIK contributes significantly to the management of work supplies, specifically of Personal Protection Equipment, Tools, MRO, Office Material or Workwear, assuring the premises of 5S, … let’s see how:

1. SEIRI (Separate andC Lasify): separate unnecessary elements andis the first of the five phases. Any GESMATIK Vending machine implementation usually begins by selecting the most necessary, higher rotating supplies, discarding others of minor use and therefore ensuring that employees have every necessary item.

2. SELTON (Order: “a place for everything and everything in place”): Gesmatik helps you to set how and where each work supply should be placed. We avoid to waste time, looking for them, GESMATIK assures they are always well arranged inside the machine. Locate easily the articles (the machine is bright, perfectly lit, and allows a full exposure of the product), it is easy to dispense the items (just tip a code or use the rfid card). For those materials which should be returned after use, it controls who took them (BOX intelligent lockers have been designed for return items).

The company will have to take care of a few more details, within this second section, such as the ordering of products inside the machine and the machine(s) being located near where operators need the equipment. Ensuring FIFO (first in, first out) when replenishing products ensures full storage rotates and no aged items remain.

3. SIX (Cleaning: Suppressing Dirt): GESMATIK is a closed piece of furniture, flat surfaces and very easy to clean, even in dusty environments, the work materials are protected from any possible environmental dirt.

3. SEIKETSU (standardization, not anomalies) if undesyed uses are identified, for example by unauthorized operators, GESMATIK software will always display it and allows you to restrict access to users or limit quantities. It is also possible to reset alerts, and set minimum stock levels to launch automatic orders to suppliers. It is also very easy to visually inspect the machine for product faults.

4. SHITSUKE (always maintain the disciplined attitude of continuing to improve). The versatility and modularity of GESMATIK allows to gro, expanding modules to spread order and organization to a larger area of the warehouse and to other kind of articles. The effort to control that everything is done as established is no longer necessary, since there is no other way to perform the process. The comfort and advantages of these systems convinces users and managers to be involved with the proper functioning of the system. Development and expansion of these system is naturally pushed.

If your company is interested in implementing a 5s project, do not miss the opportunity to include one or more GESMATIK systems within your plan.