10 Reasons why GESMATIK is the preferred PPE Vending Machine

Advantages offered by INDUSTRIAL VENDING solutions to any organization are very clear: 30% savings in consumptions from day one, well organised supplies and total traceability on consumptions. But are all Industrial Vending systems alike? We are very clear about this,… why do we think GESMATIK is the best system?

10 reasons support us:

  1. Unique dispensing systems conceived and designed from the start for industrial use: with total robustness and versatility to meet the needs of an expert system specialized in work material. Patented hardware and software developed by the manufacturer ensuring optimal match.
  2. GESMATIK dispenser systems assure that products never get hooked, this is a usual problem in other systems (ordinary alimentary solutions).
  3. GESMATIK is the highest capacityvending machine on the market. This means that fewer machines are required to host an equivalent product quantity, and this means that machine replacement frequency is reduced.
  4. GESMATIK is the only machine on the market capable of dispensing highly bulky items such as work helmets or welding screens.
  5. GESMATIK– allows a massive loading system that makes it the machine that guarantees the fastest replenishment on the market.
  6. Configuration of GESMATIK extractors is fully customizable both horizontally and vertically, and therefore the use of interior space is optimized.
  7. GESMATIK is the most robust and reliable system on the market. It does not produce technical incidents and if they happen, they are easily resolved by the replenishing staff the same without the need for technical qualification.
  8. GESMATIK is an attractive, clear and well-lit display, which makes an easy product identification and selection.
  9. GESMATIK is a technology designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Europe and it is kept in constant innovation. This allows to adapt each machine and software to the needs of the company (adapt it to identification systems – signing cards – of various users, or integrate your reports into any ERP, if the organization so desires).
  10. GESMATIK ´s Mision is to create progresively new innovative industrial vending solutions, that can be modularly integrated under GESMATIK software control systems. Choosing GESMATIK means to join an technologic evolution, taking your company and its processes on the road to the so-called INDUSTRIA 4.0.

If you are considering to implement a Vending Machine for work supplies into your company and we have not yet convinced you that we are the best solution in Industrial Vending, we encourage you to call us or send us your questions.