Behind every successful BRAND you can find a SMART COMPANY

Manufacturing companies from all industries are immersed in the great revolution of industrial processes: robotic technologies, computering, software and intelligent systems that help their organizations be fully efficient and also facilitate the everyday´s tasks of the people in their plants.

Industrial Vending is yet one more step in this industry 4.0 no-return process. Big brands have already taken positions, and some well-known ones have already chosen GESMATIK as their Industrial Vending choice. Today GESMATIK is leader in Spain, and present in Italy and France, with more than 400 installations carried out in all kinds of industries.

Which companies and which industries are leading this revolution?

  • Pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, laboratories, cosmetics…
  • Food industry: bottling plants, packers, canning industry…
  • Metal industry: foundries, machiners, automotive auxiliary manufacturers, tool manufacturers,…
  • Textile industry.
  • Aeronautical industry.
  • Paper manufacturers, packaging industry,…
  • Recovery and recycling plants
  • Logistics services plants.
  • Building and maintenance of buildings.
  • Health sector: elder´s residences, clinics and hospitals.
  • Manufacturers of all types of products:

So, an SME have these leading Industrial Vending technologies?

Yes, GESMATIK is cutting-edge technology available to an SME, investment in these systems is recovered in less than 2 years thanks to the savings in consumption (DO THE MATH!) that are verifiable from the first day of use. Furthermore, there is no need for prior technical facilities, data or communication networks or specialized technicians. GESMATIK works plug an play.

Contact us and we will advise you about which products and work supplies that you can manage through these dispensing machines, saving your company a lot of time and money (Personal Protective Equipments, PPE, tools, office supplies, etc…).