Thank you for your visit! Return virtually to our Stand Gesmatik (Vending machines PPE and Tool Management)

After days of intense networking at A+A, we are very satisfied to have had the opportunity to establish contact with your companies. A+A 2021 has allowed us to show GESMATIK to the companies that -we believe- will become our customers, distributors, collaborators in the coming years. You have shown interest from markets as different as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Czech Republic, India, Singapore, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Peru, United States,… and we are already starting talks with leading PPE Manufacturers and Suppliers in each of these countries.

We want to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to introduce you GESMATIK and we hereby send you a summary of the presentation we made to you, so that you can refresh it and thus have access to all the information you may need to share.

We invite you to a virtual yout our A+A stand and our Industrial Vending machines.

Overview of GESMATIK Stand at the A+A 2021 Fair:

At the fair, we were able to show you a GESMATIK machine composed of a Control Module,a HELIX 115 dispensing cabinet equipped with a combination of spindle (patented), push (patented) and spiral dispensers, making together a total of 22 selections plus an intelligent locker BOXto manage product delivery and return.

Click on the image to watch the VIDEO:


GESMATIK benefits:

Advantages for the Industrial Customer

In the Left Display Panel of our Stand we presented:Which are the advantages for the Industrial Client?:

From the very moment GESMATIK is installed, industrial companies:

Save time and money.

Get access to the products (PPEs, Tools) at any time of the day 24x7x365,

Have tull traceability on the use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Ensure compliance with occupational health and safety laws.

Ensure consumption control with access restrictions per user and limitations by units and time period.

Simplify logistics activities, eliminating processes such as: placing orders, receiving product, placing on shelves, delivery of unit of article, receipt of delivery note and signatures, inventories, etc.

Ensure that each item is always in place, well arranged and organized.

Advantages for PPE Suppliers

The Right Panel of our Stand shows What are the advantages for PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS?:

PPE and tool Suppliers are increasingly aware that industrial customers demand this kind of solution. Choosing the right technology and a good technology partner is a strategic decision.

GESMATIK is a good choice because we are a manufacturer company with complete engineering (including machines, hardware and software). 10 years ago we were born as a company specialized in technologies for the management and control of industrial work supplies. GESMATIK is the most versatile and flexible industrial vending machine on the market. Its capacity to house product is maximum, It would be possible to accommodate up to 9,000 units in a single machine. Higher capacity means lower replenishment frequency, less space occupied and therefore lower cost.

The User identification systems are those that the company was previously using, it is possible to choose among various identification technologies (from rfid card, or keyboard, to fingerprint reading). GESMATIK is a European manufacturer located in the Basque Country, in the north of Spain. GESMATIK is a system plug&play system, configured at the factory for quick and very easy installation. With more than 700 machines in operation, GESMATIK is constantly evolving. Industrial Suppliers gets new software updates that are continuously improved, and are able to request custom developments.

GESMATIK is a solvent technology partner.

GESMATIK: Product Dispensing

We remind you how GESMATIK dispensing system works in the following VIDEO

The user is identified (by numeric code or batch identification card).

The user selects the product.

The system checks if the user is authorized and if he has product credit available.

The product is dispensed,and the delivery is immediately registered by the online software.

This way, the supplier records the sales and stock information and the industrial company has complete information about who has extracted which item and when.



GESMATIK: Three dispensing systems

GESMATIK allows you to combine within the same machine any of the three exclusive dispensing systems:

Spindle Dispenser (patented)

Push Dispenser (patented)

Spiral Dispenser

You can see them in operation again in the following VIDEO.


GESMATIK: Versatility and Flexibility

GESMATIK can accommodate a very wide variety and a staggering amount of product as shown in the following images:

GESMATIK: Product replenishment

Another feature that convinces GESMATIK customers is the ease and speed of machine replenishment process:



Click on the image to watch the spindle-typedispenser product replenishment VIDEO: the unique mass replenishment system through the loading tube makes it the fastest system on the market.




Replenishment with Pusher Dispenser




Click on the image to see the product replenishment VIDEO of the push type dispensers.

The product is simply put on the dispenser.






GESMATIK spiral dispenser

Gesmatik Replenishment with Spiral Dispenser

Click on the image to see the product replenishment VIDEO of spiral dispensers. Note that we are manufacturers and can make custom spirals of special sizes that optimally adapt to the size of the items to maximize capacity and facilitate replenishment.



GESMATIK ensures Occupational Health and Safety

GESMATIK is a good ally of the person in charge of Occupational Health Prevention,it allows to register the use of first aid kit items. The accident is recorded in the online report, this allows the traceability of small accidents. This smart First Aid kit may adopt two modalities:

First Aid Cure kit prepared for Helix machine (see video)







First aid kit at Box Locker. (watch video)









GESMATIK Software:

Video GESMATIKsoftware: access, data and reports.

GESMATIK software is perfectly integratedwithGESMATIK industrial vending machines and allows various access profiles , such as the Industrial Supplier,the machine replenisher, or the End Customer/Industry.

Each profile only has access permits to the needed information.

It is possible to get reports and statistics related to products dispensed (sales), both in Units and euros, consumptions per user or per article, stock level, etc.

The system allows you to define stock breakage level and sends alerts so that the company never runs out of product.

Our engineers can also offer the connection of GESMATIK databases with those of the client’s management software or ERP (web service). The Gesmatik Software is always updated in its latest version. It can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.

Thank you!

Thank you for your visit, we will contact you shortly to continue the conversation started in Düsseldorf. We find we have a lot of exciting work ahead us and a prosperous future to share with you.



SEE YOU SOON! Gesmatik Team